Fire, Soot and Smoke

Fire, Soot and Smoke

When a fire breaks out, putting it out is just the beginning of a long process. The restoration that follows is a scrupulous job. We, at All Dry, understand this perfectly well. It is a top priority for our expert team to execute a restoration process that will leave our customers, thoroughly satisfied.

We are systematic in our work and leave no stone unturned!

We Remove All Agents That Release VOCs

When a fire occurs that creates smoke damage, certain events take place that need to be addressed. The soot particles that are released are microscopic and therefore detailed cleaning must be conducted to ensure that all agents that release VOCs (volatile organic compounds) are removed.

Attention to Detail

One of the first orders of business on fire damage is to remove charred or unusable building materials from the workspace. All Dry always starts at the source of the fire and works outward from there. This attention to detail enables the proper fire damage restoration techniques to be effective.

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